How To Place An Order

If you seek to place an order with Instaprint, you can do so online and vis-à-vis.

Online: Open an account with us on ‘Login/Register’ on our website’s home page. We’ve tried making the ordering process here as smooth and easy as possible, so simply click on the product you want while signed in and, then select the inspirations given against each category.

Each product will then be carved out as per’ your own requirements’, and ‘personalized’ by the information you provide.

Forms are available to fill out, or speak to our Sales & support team.

You may customize by clicking ‘Create your Own’ on the homepage, leading you to the three levels of Customization:

1) The most convenient one is to upload an already designed file.
2) Second option is to use our templates, layouts and design inspirations (with SKUs), and use your logo or inspirations to
develop art-work, of course with the help of our Sales and Graphic designers online.
3) For higher involvement into the development of art-work; use the chat, telephone or videos options to interact and execute the task.

Once, you have received an E-Proof of your Design / print job, and feel confident of placing an order with a confirmed quantity in mind, Go –ahead to add it to your ‘Shopping cart’.

Once you have placed the order, we let you configure it so its print and finish is best for the job at hand. You may then pay (our very reasonable prices!) through our secure online check-out service.

Vis-à-vis: If you wish for a direct meeting with our designers, contact us via telephone or email (see: Contact Us). We will arrange a time and date at your convenience for a personal meeting between yourself and our attentive designers at our Instaprint office. Once we have covered the major details of the desired product, we can arrange for a set date that the order will be processed and completed for delivery.